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Ajinomoto do Brasil donates R$ 1.7 million for the fight against Covid-19 10/09/2020

Through the Instituto Ajinomoto, the company redirect funds for health 

São Paulo, April 2020 – Ajinomoto do Brasil, amino acids producer and manufacturer of products such as SAZÓN® seasonings, VONO® soups and powdered drinks MID® and FIT, announces the donation of around R$ 1.7 million that will be destined on the fight against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). The financial support has occurred through the Instituto Ajinomoto, its social organization, which is delivering the funds to hospitals around the region where the company has its office and factories, in order to help on the acquisition of equipment and safety items for health professionals.  

The total amount of the donation was distributed among public institutions, including Institute Emilio Ribas and Hospital São Paulo, located in São Paulo city, in addition to the Bauru State Hospital and four units of Santa Casa (in Laranjal Paulista, Limeira, Valparaíso and Pederneiras).

“Ajinomoto do Brasil produces food and amino acids, which are essential for the society. We have a big responsibility as a company, both as ingredient supplier as well as partner of healthcare professionals who are the real protagonists on this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic”, says Tatsuya Sasaki, president of Ajinomoto do Brasil. “And we are evaluating other initiatives in order to contribute even more to Brazilian society”, reinforces the executive.  

Protection measures and employees’ safety

Ajinomoto do Brasil has been carefully following the development of Covid-19 since February. The company organized a Task Force led by the president and joined by local committees and professionals of strategic departments in March. Some measures were adopted to reinforce safety and security of the employees, including home office working – to administrative areas of Sao Paulo office, reinforcement on the factories hygiene and cleaning procedures, besides the disclosure of internal campaigns based on orientation and awareness. “Our main objective is to take care and protect our employees, families and society”, the president says. “Ajinomoto do Brasil contributes to society in a lot of demands involving food, feed, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, so we cannot stop our production. This is our way to contribute this difficult moment in Brazil and around the world”, concludes him. 

More information on the procedures adopted by Ajinomoto do Brasil can be read on: www.ajinomoto.com.br/corona-virus 


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2020/09/10 » Ajinomoto do Brasil donates R$ 1.7 million for the fight against Covid-19
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